Artist of color

First, what is obvious, I love academic discussions about art, gender, politics, race.Talking about race, our biases, prejudices, and stereotypes today for the first time I became conscious that I’m an artist of color, a great artist with Korean and USA ancestorship referred to me in those terms and that label, and now that box […]

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Memento Mori

Some of the tests, it’s hard to accomplish what I want being model and photographer, being object and subject but I’ll try to exploit even the limitations. The exposure yourself, literally and photographically is a challenge.

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Memento Mori / Prologue

“17 months ago my dad called me and told me: Silvino, can you come back to your brother’s funeral?. That night half of my soul died with my baby bro, and while I write this I’m crying.” It’s hard, really hard to expose yourself, to open the wounds and put your fingers on it, going […]

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