Unfinished business: The Bipolar curse and bless


Why it’s so difficult to pursue just a few pathways. I admire the people with the focus to be an expert, a master artisan, a guru in something. I admire it so much especially because I’m absolutely unable of that kind of dedication.

Since a child, I’ve been always living shifting my attention and efforts constantly from one task to another. As a grown-up I’m still a shifting madness.

From writing to painting, from design to photography, in any of the many topics I’m interested I put dedication and effort for a while, then I have to shift of theme, topic, angle, technique…

Some time ago I was deeply troubled by that lack of commitment to just one “cause” for describing it in some way. I see other’s artists’ works and I can only wonder how they can keep their interests focused for so much time.

Then little kids taught me a valuable lesson, adaptability is my strength, is not a weakness but a plus deep-rooted inside myself. I can focus intensely on some area or task, being bipolar is like burning out myself in some quest. And then reborn in a very different enterprise and focus myself again with a burst of energy and dedication.


Nine years later, the murder of my baby bro and a pandemia in the meanwhile. Older, not wiser, and those lines are still valid. 3 years without my baby bro, learning about the autism of my nephew, and the month of mental health awareness.



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