Yagé is a sacred plant of the Indigenous Nations of the Amazonas. My first experience with it was 14 years ago when I started my walk together with my unek Gustavo “Yuluts” Yonda.

Now, the opportunity of be part of a ceremony and drink it presented again and it was such a beautiful experience.

Off course I’m a different man than 14 years ago, now I have many more scars and an deep open wound in my soul.

Now my experience was less bombastic but more deep emotionally.

Thanks to Taita Edgar from the Quichua Indigenous People, the son in law of an amazing wise man, Taita Juan of the Siona Indigenous People. Both of them, one in this plane of existence and the other from the other side of the rainbow guided us and shared with as the Yagecito.

Off course thanks to my unek Gustavo for be at my side, for play the harmony and for take care of me.

What a lovely experience to see my 6 years old niece Itsa drinking Yagé for the first time and hear the description of her “pinta” (vision during dreams”; and my “mom” Doris and my beloved sister in law Ludy and off course the Elder Juan (the patriarch of the family).

Some images of the second day of the ceremony, the first one I didn’t used the camera for respect. For the second day I hade permission.

Taita Edgar sharing the wisdom of the Elders and the nature.
Father fire, company and comfort.
The moon decided to accompany us during both nights.

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