Telephone has been launched

Well, it’s finally here. After several months of waiting for it, Telephone – An International Arts Game is finally online. Only 3 artists from Colombia, I wish I would have convinced more friends to participate but each one of us included have beautiful artworks. Real Bajo is among us, I’ll dedicate part of the week to navigate the project and hear his piece, also watching in awe the piece of Maria José Sánchez. We are in great company, in the middle of the pandemic we were nurtured by artists and their art, we were challenged by the world but also by fellow creators. We’ve lost a lot during these dark times but also we’ve gained a lot. We’ve endured as human beings and as the human race, hopefully, we would’ve learned a bit about our impact on the world and our need to change if we want a future. Finally a big thank you to Nathan Langston and all the team behind this incredible endeavor, this project is an art piece in itself, and it’s amazing, truly amazing. I’ll digest it slowly, read the essays, see, watch, hear, feel, the art pieces and I know I’ll be changed for that experience of a shared creative process. To Nancy Y. Kim also a big thank you, for the patience, the conversations, and the friendship.

And now, my piece, part of my series Peek a boo a.k.a. Long exposure, which is part of the process to develop Memento Mori. Inspired by an amazing paint by Paola Rossi, and it inspired a beautiful sculpture by Rosemary Taylor, which is an incredible visual compilation of many of my emotions, it’s amazing And a text: “Townie”, by Eli Karren that I want to quote because it resumes perfectly my feelings behind my photograph: “I hope I am not disappearing already, limb by limb, while I stare out over the front lawn, the neon lights of grief like a house we knew we’d have to leave one day.”

It amazes me how once again my work is translated to sculpture.

And Jenna Fettig is my “cousin”, so cool.

#telephone2021 and #telephonecommunity

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