Vintage male photography – Beefcake

This one is hard to share for extra reasons, the body, the relationship with it, stereotypes of beauty and manhood. The idea behind the photos was something completely different but, a leaf and a man with few clothes reminded me of vintage photography. I’m a big fan of vintage and beefcake photography, from the XIXth […]

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Memento Mori

Some of the tests, it’s hard to accomplish what I want being model and photographer, being object and subject but I’ll try to exploit even the limitations. The exposure yourself, literally and photographically is a challenge.

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Memento Mori / Prologue

“17 months ago my dad called me and told me: Silvino, can you come back to your brother’s funeral?. That night half of my soul died with my baby bro, and while I write this I’m crying.” It’s hard, really hard to expose yourself, to open the wounds and put your fingers on it, going […]

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