Censorship, agendas, hypocrisy, double moral a.k.a. Facebook.

Let’s begin with 2 images, from the same week.


This one was a post of an artistic event.



This one is from a person who employs a crude scene from a movie to express a politic opinion.


The first one, which is so “disturbing”, it displays a man in briefs, was blocked for violate Facebook’s community standards.

The second one was sent to me for a friend and I reported it for graphic violence; and it is fine for the same Facebook’s community standards.Even when it displays violence, several men and kids in briefs, blood, weapons, death.

So I must ask, who are the “censors”, the “inquisitors” behind this kind of “brilliant” decisions?

These are human errors? AI errors? or simply display the agendas of the people in the shadows of Facebook?

It ‘s simply hypocrisy or is something deeper?

As usual Facebook will not answer, that’s the problem for common people and the advantage for the people taking decisions behind closed curtains. A faceless and also soulless enterprise as Facebook loves the idea of doesn’t have to give answers about their decisions.


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