Shadow of the self (ongoing project)

The idea behind this project is the notion of memory and past as a shadow of each one of us. Every event in our lives is attached to us and is an intrinsically important part of who we are. Two negatives, each one from a different photography, a single salt print produced with both of […]

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The good days the darkness is away, the second good ones I can feel it lurking in the back of my head and dripping like cold water slowly through my behavior, thoughts and dreams. Those days let me fight back, try to keep the head above the dark waters. Fight back means medication sometimes, other […]

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6 months 20 days



Since June 13 of 2013 the kids and me have been waiting to see if our first solargraphs will work fine. Not perfect yet, it have a bit of contrast from Photoshop but for the first attempts we are very happy. The first pieces of the new year have been in development from the middle of the last year. Sweet.

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