Alternative processes, nudes and social networks.

From a series of studies in XIX century male poses
From a series of studies in XIX century male poses

Image from an black and white film developed and then scanned and transformed to a positive image in the computer.

I have the luck to be invited as a moderator to the group Alternative photographic processes, it is a luck because I really admire the people in that group, from the creator Mailin to every one of the members.

It is such a pleasure to see the works and explorations of amazing people. As a moderator I have to help to keep the group running smoothly (with other 6 great persons) in benefit of all of us. That means to follow the rules about what can be posted in the group: Not digital works, not nudes and only vintage photographic techniques, the kind of works of Those are the rules and must be followed by the benefit of everyone.

In many groups, specially the ones focused in artistic approaches to photography, from time to time arises the discussion about nudity.

I have a very clear concept about nudes not only in art but in every aspect of life. There’s no offense in any way in a naked body, I don’t have any problem with genitals, breasts or butts. Every human body is amazing and every one deserves my respect and admiration. I can´t imagine taken my nephews to a musem and telling them “now close your eyes because Miguel Angel’s David have no pants, or cover your eyes because Goya is morally wrong”. Nudity is not an issue, education and respect is.

As an artist I consider that my right (or other’s right by the way) to express our vision and insterests will not be in any way controlled. For me the idea that religion, some politicians and some people with the head full of prejuidices try to castrate my rights, that’s really a moral outrageous offense.

But, as an artist I can´t deny my responsability and don´t try to imposse my rights to others, even unaware of it. There are a lot of cultures in the world, there are so many conceptions of what is proper or not, I’m nobody to tell what is the truth or what is right.

That’s the main point behind the rules in social networks, it is not censorship, it is an attempt to play fair enough with everybody.

I’m very liberal in my thoughts, what one person consider pornography is considered art by other. But those personal beliefes and open mind from my part can´t never be impossed to others.

I respect the rules to the groups in which I belong, there’s not pain in post only what’s seem proper for each one. I will not post an image of sexual intercourse in a blog which audience is minor age, even if I think that sexual is natural to every human being and there’s no offense in it, that’s not the point.

If I want that other’s respect my points of view I will be the first in respect other’s conceptions, values and beliefs.


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