Salt print: Shadow of the self test

I have a couple of series in development right now. One is Shadow of the self, double exposures with negative images related conceptually, something like that I’m still in the process of write the ideas behind the project.

In any case the series follow the steps of the image selected in Varna and play with similar technical needs.

This image is a test, a failed test. I love toimprint my hand gestures at the moment of apply the Silver nitrate, but some times I lost myself en take it so far that the image suffer from it.

Sometimes seems that I have to remember to be just crazy enough.

Two different negatives, one from a photograph of my bro’s “trompos”, are hand made by people of his Reservation. And the other one is the portrait to which I come back over and over again.

To be honest the composition is a mess to, but is part of the process.

Salt print, two negatives.
Salt print, two negatives.

But on a second thought, I maybe have to stop fighting against my tendence of be an emptional extremist.


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