A desolation – Salt print and blood

A Desolation

Now mind is clear
as a cloudless sky.
Time then to make a
home in wilderness.

What have I done but
wander with my eyes
in the trees? So I
will build: wife,
family, and seek
for neighbors.

Or I
perish of lonesomeness
or want of food or
lightning or the bear
(must tame the hart
and wear the bear) .

And maybe make an image
of my wandering, a little
image—shrine by the
roadside to signify
to traveler that I live
here in the wilderness
awake and at home.
Allen Ginsberg

Self portrait, salt print. While I was drying the paper after sensitize it I cut one of my fingers really badly; then I decided to use the blood and let it drop over the paper.

If l’informe is something that evades even attempts to definition, maybe the use of something so personal as blood helps to peep it, like try to catch a WIMP or influence an atom tomake a quantum calculation, more an insinuation than a certainty, a hunch, or something like that. A ghost in the corner of the eye which evades you when you try to focus you attention to it.

Blood is a link withmy own body but through it withmy whole family, with the entire human race, with all the life and as we all are made of stars with the whole universe or multiverse.

Desolation is something that lays deep in the bottom of existence itself, we begun from nothingness and end in nothingness after all.

The negative is from a series of naked self portraits, some need to express who fragile is my mind sometimes and how exposed I am to everything around me.

Images are before and after the fix.

Right now I’m thinking about put another layer of silver nitrate and burn the image once again to give it more contrast. Who knows…

Salt print and blood
Before fixer
Salt print and blood
After fixer

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