The autumn people: Nobody have the right to deny rights to other person

I have a friend who some time ago liked men and the idea of transvestism, nothing weird in that. But now he has become and advocate of “heaven righteousness” and self proclaimed moral superiority and consider the idea of marriage between people of the same sex something outrageous.

I can’t understand his change of mind, I seriously hope he will have find his true self, that will be amazing.But to find his center never give him the right to oppose to the rights and pursuit for happiness of other human beings.

My fear is that he is denying his true self and like a Victorian caricature he is disguising his needs and true identity looking for the acceptance of the congregation to which he belongs now. That will be horrible, to live a lie and hide nature behind some imposed and prejudicial ideas.

Let’s hope that’s not the case, anyway I can only hope he is truly happy now.

That’s the introduction to this photographs taken some time ago. Is a series constructed from that intellectually and philosophically aberrant concept of SIN. The worst of human creations, the most bizarre of the control mechanisms created for authoritarian small groups of people who oppresses and exploit other human beings.

Even now, sin is a tool for pervert human nature and mutilate human beings.

It’s so bizarre and arbitrary that between the original deadly sins was included Tristitia (sorrow/despair/despondency).

The models of the photographs are my brother and me. The images are a homage to Nan Goldin and her amazing work. Are a visual manifestation of my sadness about how societies force us to build and wear masks, about how many human beings have to suffer in silence behind the “right” customs and behavior of their cultures.

Was taken using a UV light tube and white make up and underwear.

Please feel free of share your thoughts, if you don’t agree with my point of view share your ideas, I strongly believe in the exchange of ideas like a genuine pleasure, while the exchange of ideas is based in respect and communication.

Photograph about Victorian hypocrite thinking and masks.
Photograph about Victorian hypocrite thinking and masks.
Photograph about Victorian hypocrite thinking and masks.
Photograph about Victorian hypocrite thinking and masks.

2 thoughts on “The autumn people: Nobody have the right to deny rights to other person

  1. Sabes, Silvino?, los hechos que comentas son mucho más comunes de lo que piensas. El ser humano puede cambiar de rumbo por infinidad de motivos. Incluso, como el escorpión rodeado por las llamas, puede llegar a clavarse su propio aguijón.
    Definición de “Pecado” hallada en la red. “Un pecado es la transgresión de una norma moral; es una falta de carácter religioso que provoca el estado de culpa. La conciencia puede sufrir remordimientos o no.”
    Yo diría: “El pecado (o culpa) es una herramienta creada por humanos para someter a otros humanos.” Así de simple. Y aplicable también al concepto “Religión”.
    Moral? Existen tantas como seres humanos cubren la tierra! Sin embargo, para tenernos bajo control, nos rigen con una moral extraída de la religión (que, como antes he dicho, es una burda pero eficaz herramienta de sumisión).
    Mi moral? Vive y deja vivir!
    El problema aparece cuando entran en conflicto la moral personal con la “oficial” (estándar o normalizada). Ahí le duele!
    Por desgracia, en pleno siglo XXI todavía arrastramos una serie de prejuicios hipócritas heredados del judeocristianismo, que no dejan vivir, La lucha constante por nuestros derechos es el único camino! Un abrazo, amigo!.

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