Back to the work

It has been more than a year without post anything here. That, hopefully, will change from now.

I’ve decided to take more seriously my passion for share experimentation and knowledge. Is part of the hubris that I consider every artist have inside herself or himself.

From now on the blog will be focused not only in my bachelor-s degree project but instead in my experimental work and my thoughts around the build of images, its capture and reproduction.

Those are the first steps in the pursuit of three main goals: First share the few knowledge I’ve obtained in these years, obtain feedback and learn from other artists and develop my skills writing the thoughts behind my work and my aesthetic and intellectual quests.

As a metaphor of that I include one of my favorite images: In pursuit of identity.

Portrait of my stepbro Yuluts Yonda
In pursuit of identity

The image was created during my amazing classes with Omaira Abadia, the original is an analogical b&w photograph. Then it was developed in the lab, and enlarged over a lith paper. The lith paper was solarized and these effect was obtained. After that the lith negative-positive was used to create a paper version of the image.

The image is important for me for many reasons: for its process; for its artistic value; because even without a face to see, for me is a great portrait of my step bro and it’s process as an artist and a man.

And is a metaphor of my own search and process as an artist, is an image full of significance about how much I still have to fulfill and how much is hidden on plain sight.

Hopefully that space to fulfill with experimentation and knowledge will be never filled at all.


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