Salt prints: Inheritors of Lot’s wife

Series of my last experiments employing the silver nitrate technique over several different substrates. The negatives are laser prints over acetate of some of my photographs. Some portraits and double exposures as a part of my personal journey inside the surreal world.

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Fracta-land 6: Suma Pinta

Fracta-land 6: Suma Pinta

A homage to the beautiful memories I keep with me about having visions in company of Carlos Bernal and my step bro Yuluts Yonda after two sips of Yagé.

I’m still looking for the colors of shapes of those visions and try to build every day the links between art and design that the Yagé show me.

Off course is also a homage to my ancestors, my heritage and all the native cultures in the world who struggle to keep its knowledge alive.

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