Houston, we have trouble

All was perfect for december of 2011, then they moved dates and I dedicated time to my treatment. When I was back the box was a mess… a silver nitrate mess.

My guess is this. The box was too big for drowned it in the fixer, then I applied it with a brush and let it for a couple of hour, that was not enough. Even with the box in a bag for protection the silver nitrate continued burning and the image became extremely dark (but with some beautiful sparks of silver) and appeared some stains.

The place where the box was made have been closed for some days due to vacations and without a fixed date to meet the amazing people of the crafts store I begun to try different things: I drowned it in fixer for several hours and then the stain was worst and the wood started to bend. After some other attempts to fix it I decided to give up.

Luckily for me I found another place to ask for a new box, a lot more expensive but finest and the crafts place I’ve been using is open again. Now I have time against me… the boxes will be ready for monday and tuesday (fingers crossed) and my dissertation is wednesday, I have not time for mistakes.

One box will have the cover with the image I’ve created for it, the other not. I’ll post images of both as soon as they arrive.


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