Depending of my mood I will love to walk the streets or have panic of it, I love when you find something intriguing, this window showing ghost alike figures behind the glass fascinates me.

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Beauty in stone

> The amazing Aleja Pardo, this time in stone using silver nitrate, the image lasted a couple of days then the surface of the stone turned into dust. Sad the loss of the image but in many ways, deeply poetic.

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Aleja Pardo’s AleA

Aleja Pardo's AleA

Aleja Pardo is a gorgeous woman, amazing artist, crafter, photographer, designer and person. Habe been a long time since we worked together, this is one of her portraits, edited by me digitally and then I made a salt print. I love this image, reminds me of the posters of Bela Lugosi’s films. Deep noire here.

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