Is only one piece, was made over some pearly paper with a texture of snake’s skin. it looks awesome the shine is subtle. This piece was made the last year, in december, but I’ve forgotten to include it here. Is the piece which closes the talbotypes’ box.

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Memories of the work

Same design elements of the website, from the beginning all was planned as a whole product. I feel sorry because the printed book is not possible, I have to blame the price of the xanax and the psychiatrist, but they have kept me with the head above the water.

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Houston, we have trouble

All was perfect for december of 2011, then they moved dates and I dedicated time to my treatment. When I was back the box was a mess… a silver nitrate mess. My guess is this. The box was too big for drowned it in the fixer, then I applied it with a brush and let […]

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