Website on the way

I’ve been working on the website for the project for a long time, designed a visual identity for it, select typefaces, etc. The idea always have been divide also in two poles the project: One is the photographic and experimental one, the other the design for that experimentation.

When I’ve been tired or bored (something usual with me, everything and everyone tires me after a while) I change of activity, left one pole and work on the other.

The images are complex, abstract but full of details, I want the website as a frame, something minimal that let the images to “breath” and don´t compete for attention with them.

I’ve selected two main typefaces for the project (editorial and digital): Lisboa Sans and Eras, both are really beautiful and have awesome ligatures.

The color palette can’t be more minimal: Black and white.

An off course it will be in Spanish and English.

Is designed in HTML 4 employing CSS3 and Javascript. Maybe, not promises, I will include some HTML 5 stuff. If the time let me to do it, but I also have to finish a website for the job.

Some captures while I buy the hosting for it.


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