Talbotypes v6.0

Have been cold days and colder nights, and that have an effect in the talbotypes.

Finally the captures, the pieces of myself, the uncharted map of my own body is on paper.

Exposures varies from 30 minutes to 2 hours. The sky is cloudy and all the day is raining, I’ve had to work on the balcony.

First some images of these beautiful Bogota´s skies:

11 am.

4 p.m.

Ok now some captures of the setting:

The images are wet for a long time after the rinse bath, then I put a string on the laundry room and left the pieces hanged there until it dries.

And no the images, I’m so happy with a couple of it, the other ones are cool but one or two are great.

And a double exposure, actually a single exposure using the same image printed twice.


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