Mantra: Omaira Abadia and Bill Brandt

When I begun this project I was afraid, then I was a bit calmed and after that I found my self in deep terror. Almost all my photography teachers seems to share a fascination with a type of photography, very straight in many ways but even when I love that approach sometimes I feel that I need create and build and go far of the act of capture.

Then Omaira Abadia and Bill Brandt appeared in my life and I think I have a life time debt with both of them. Specially Omaira.

I think this phrase of Bill Brandt resumes a lot of what I’m trying to do:

‘Photography is not a sport. It has no rules. Everything must be dared and tried.’

And precisely that is what Omaira have encouraged me to do, to take risks, to expand my own boundaries, to make mistakes and learn. To don’t be shy and find new ways to build my own visual universe.


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