Captures v2.9

It’s funny why we assign relevance to certain numbers, for me every multiple of ten in this project has to compile some deep advance, some satori no matters how small.

And I think I’ve accomplished that. Rosalind Krauss is again in my head, the ideal of find my own l’informe too, and a discover of the shapes of the body and how I’ve failed to see most of it in all their amazing complexity and beauty.

I’ve reading again Susan Sontag’s On photography, is good to go back to author after I’ve read another ones and now a lot of their ideas, specially the ones about surrealism seems very simplistic for me. For now I prefer a lot Krauss’ perceptions and ideas and that’s great because means I’ve learned something and I’m evolving in my thoughts, maybe later the things will go in the opposite direction, who can tell.


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