Inspiration: Alison Scarpulla

My bro asked me why a lot of the artists I’ve included here as inspiration don’t seems to have any visual relationship with the images I’m producing. I don’t gave it a second thought and answered, they have a lot to do with my work.

With more time to think about it, I can say that I really feel that every one of them have a close relationship with my work, maybe not an straight one or a simple one, but there’s a deep connection.

Maybe the concept, maybe the construction of the images, maybe how they develop concepts or how they interact with the settings or the material which constitutes their images. A lot of surreal approaches, every one different but for me all of them have in common a love for the image not only captured but builded from the mind and then defined by any necessary means.

Alison Scarpulla is another amazing artist, a recommendation from , her work is full of secrets waiting to be developed, an aura of mystery and stories told long time ago. But what I really love more of her art are the double exposures. Few artists are the ability, the sensibility, the talent to produce such beautiful pieces of art.

To see more of her work please visits:


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