Inspiration: Ivo Sedlacek

Is time to pay homage to an artist who completely changed my mind and my perception of a lot of things. Ivo Sedlacek takes the notion of photography outside the main stream and his work only existing defies notions as serialization and put and incredible emphasis at the author and the photographic media as a wonderful tool for self expression.

Hi employ nineteenth century techniques in some of his books, and that is a wonderful decision full of implications for the ones like me. Put upside down more the half of the teachings in my career and I love that. It have let myself to open to new possibilities not condemned for the need of produce massively.

While he authorize me to include some pics of his work here (fingers crossed) this post goes without images, sorry.

Transcribed from a message in Behance, one message which makes me so happy:

“hi silvino,
excuse me, please, i answer your question so late – there was a book fair in frankfurt and it means a lot of work before, during and after… – and: yes, you can use my images for your project (any of them you like) – because: i like what you do,your (very own) using of old techniques, your experiments, your searching and your finding… just one word to make it short: WOW! –
i hope your bachelor’s degree project will be succesfull!
(please let me know) and thanks for your message
many greetings from frankfurt

Then, I’ll include some of those amazing images which have changed my view of the world and my work.

You can peek some of his outstanding artworks following these links:


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