Captures v1.9

I really need some silver nitrate, is frustrating in many ways can´t work on the analogical and the digital at the same time. But I’ve been discovering some really interesting things not only about me but also about the images.

Two different images, same initial concept but 2 different outcomes.

Despair, loneliness even deep blue sadness, maybe a lot of my actual mood here.

Tomorrow I have a reunion with my project’s director Omaira, I feel a bit scared, indeed I feel scared about everything: interact with people, to talk, to maintain eye contact, to shake hands… one of those weeks in which I need to be alone and don’t keep human contact. Unfortunately it is not possible, then as usual I’ll bite my tongue trying to don’t scream and go outside and keep fears at bay the best I can.

Square is the layout, definitively, works perfect when I change axis and help a lot to make the image closer to l’informe. The next images include some of my favorites until now.


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