Captures v1.3

Be bipolar is a really interesting experience, the changes on the mood, the comments about people like me, the constant fight with oneself until I was able to embrace my nature and try to use it for a better life.

Why I’m talking about it? last days have been a roller coaster of emotions, I’ve been deeply depressed but at the same I had some kind of urge for work and create images, a bit confusing even for me. But I think I’ve accomplished something don´t let my blue side to stop me of work on this project (in other ones all have been completely different).

Self portraits, I’m wondering why for me it’s so difficult to find models theses days, maybe my mood have a lot to deal with that. Specially because I need to keep distance with the subject of study and for that reason the beloved girls I can ask to become my models are outside this project. I’m being so stubborn about this, don´t know, I have to think about it.

By the way, amazed by the news of neutrinos faster than light speed…. wow, is a wonderful time in history to be alive indeed.


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