Captures v1.0

To this moment my goal was to have achieved something, yes I repeat my self a lot, and yes maybe is boring to see similar visual effects over and over again. But I truly feel I’m finding a “voice” a set of techniques and conditions in the pursuit of express myself.

One of the things I’ve discovered is that I only want to use the RAW material, the crude info present in the digital capture or the image captured using the scanner.

That’s very important for me, maybe is a bit old school but this project in many ways begun employing negative films, analogical cameras and the dark room. And that half of the process, the one which needs to produce analogical pieces in nineteenth century techniques, requires a similar approach in the digital side of the work.

Again I’m my own subject of study, this time using some plastic bag to cover the surface of the skin but don’t blocking the ability to see it.


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