Inspiration: Chris McCaw

There’s beauty in the simplest things, a line, a shadow give space for the memory and the imagination to build an entire universe. Surreal, maybe abstract, definitively beautiful, the work of Chris McCaw is a pleasure to see and learn. Tor Dahlin, a great artist and friend talked to me about this great photographer. To […]

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Look at me

While I was taking shoots for the Cathexis project, this beautiful couple passed by asking for photos. I am the first one in recognize how difficult is for me to interact with other people but sometimes people is simply beautiful.

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Inspiration: Jerry Burchfield

The art of Jerry Burchfield is inspirational in many ways, his approach, investigation and develop of the lumen print photograms have been part of my process of exploration and even when I’m not using it right now I will love to explore it a lot more. To see more of his work and bio please […]

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