At last my camera is in my hands

It have been really a long waiting but I have my camera in my hands now. Mr. Alfaro junior as usual has been an amazing friend and off course also Mr. Alfaro senior. The apple don’t fall far of the tree after all.

Ok, let’s start with the final stages of this project. I’ve not worked with models yet, a matter of find a way to arrange agendas.

Ergo, the first captures are self portraits, test of lights (DIY) and digital explorations around that shoots.

These are some of that initial images. What I’m exploring here is how the perceptions can be modified by factors like the rotation of the axis and off course by the use of manipulations of the image’s information (mostly solarisations and the lack of clear limits between a figure and its surroundings).

The use of skin as a subject to be explored with a camera is part of the same search of my version of l’informe.


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