Talbotypes v3.0

I think it seems pretty obvious that I’m on the high curve of my bipolar states, sleeping few hours at the week, watching the Rugby’s world cup at the same time that I work, take photos and prepare papers for impressions. That’s my nature, I know it worries to my family (specially to my sister the MD of the family) and some friends. I have a hard time focusing in anything, ergo I try to do a lot of things at the same time as an attempt to channel my energy and don’t be overwhelmed because I really don’t want medications.

Ok that personal introduction have an explanation. I’m doing a lot of talbotypes (the gum is in stand bye this weekend the sky have been really cloudy). And this project even if it’s not focused on bipolar disorder anymore stills is one of my way to make catharsis.

These are scans of the new ones, I made it over the morning and prepare the paper last night while I was listening Mumford and sons and Madonna, watching rugby and Phineas and Ferb. All at the same time as is usual these days.

Still using Galgo’s paper of different colors (green, salmon, pink, beige, white, among others).

Times of exposure: The first four have 10 minutes of exposure under a cloudy sky.

The next two ones 15 minutes of exposure, trying to compensate with the fixer.

The last 2 have 10 minutes of exposure under a dark sky then I put it in a black box and when the sun came back (still full of clouds) I put it 5 minutes more under exposure.

The last one have been taken to an extreme: 2 hours of exposure under a cloudy day. I remember my teacher told me a time ago that when a piece is really hardly over exposed the silver begins to see a bit visible.

Ten minutes of exposure:

The first two are made using fragments of bodies, at least some skin and textures, try to guess what is captured.

This one is my favorite so far, is hard to see, complex in textures, lights and shadows but figurative. I love it.

15 minutes of exposure:

15 minutes in two exposures:


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