Talbotypes v2.0

New talbotypes, a cloudy day but still brilliant. Galgo’s paper again, exposures varies from 10 to 15 minutes, not use of gelatine and I think it is working really well.

Ten minutes of exposure the original image came from my Dormint amb fantasmes series.

Images came from the internet I can’t recall the authors so please if you know them please let me to know. I’ve included this images because I really love each one of it.

But obviously I’ve digitally edited each one of the images as a part of my experiments with the image trying to look for l’informe.

Same image from my bro’s as a child. This time 10 minutes of exposure.

10 minutes of exposure one my favorite pictures and a homage to my dad.

And one of my portraits of my dear sister, the talbotype looks a bit funny because I’ve tried to adjust some contrasts with a sharpie directly over the acetate print and those spots are a lot more opaque than the rest of the image. In any case i like the final outcome.


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