Gum bichromates v0.0

Those two are the ones that are almost good, the next one is bad and the last ones are horrible. I don’t to know what happens with my bichromate gums I thought it was the formulae but I’ve changed it and neither. The tones are bad, the times of exposure are incredible high, I don´t to know.

Anyway that’s the path to knowledge a lot of experimentation and a lot of learning from every setback.

Compilation of mistakes of Talbotypes and gums:

    So much hair dryer, I’m not sizing the paper, ergo it have a tendency to deform with the humidity of the emulsions. I’ve employed hair dryer to accelerate the dry process and that have made the deformation even worse. Now all is dried in the dark hanged.

    In talbotypes the exposure times seems to be very high in gums it seems to be very low.
    The gum tones are bad, so light and that make the images are very pale.

    A great concern because I’ve not obtained one good copy of my experiments using skin fragments. And that’s the base of the project, for that reason is so important to work and experiment more and more.


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