Dark of the moon: negatives

One of the greatest things from working in contact photography is the discovery of the beauty of negatives (l’informe once again). I’ve worked with negatives for a while but is just now that creating it digitally I’ve discovered a new world for exploration. Some exercises on that topic:

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Inspiration Massimo Attardi

Massimo Attardi is such an amazing artist, one great photographer but also an amazing person. some days ago I could chat with him, a short conversation because I don’t want to be a bother to the people I admire, he even gave some info about his process and that means a lot for me. Also […]

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Gum bichromates v0.0

Those two are the ones that are almost good, the next one is bad and the last ones are horrible. I don’t to know what happens with my bichromate gums I thought it was the formulae but I’ve changed it and neither. The tones are bad, the times of exposure are incredible high, I don´t […]

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Talbotypes v2.0

New talbotypes, a cloudy day but still brilliant. Galgo’s paper again, exposures varies from 10 to 15 minutes, not use of gelatine and I think it is working really well. Ten minutes of exposure the original image came from my Dormint amb fantasmes series. Images came from the internet I can’t recall the authors so […]

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