Talbotypes v1.0

Ok first 3 findings about my recent problems with the technique, the first one is absolutely obvious but I’m the kind of people who needs confirmation: I need sun, not soft sun, not a good sun light at least while I can build the UV table.

Second finding, the gelatine have been a problem. I don’t to know why it is not even on the paper’s surface, ergo the silver nitrate don’t cover it in a proper manner. My solution for now is don’t use gelatine.

The third one is that some papers have chemicals which reacts with the chemistry of the technique, so far canson paper and linum papers have the tendency to display some great green color but is really dark and the piece is almost lost, I’ll post some scans of that “failures” later.

Using some “classical” negatives from past works and some news.

From left – up to right and left – down:
My bro Jef as a kid, negative made from an scan of his family album, image from the Kthexis project which is my long time delayed dream of make a typology, image taken from flickr I can´t recall if its from some artist or free collection, the beautiful Aleja Pardo from the series A brave new world made in class with Pilar Suescún, and on my first self portraits naked (amazing how this negative always works well).


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