Digital manipulations: sabatiers from my own images

I’ve been looking for l’informe, as was presented by Bataille and other surrealists. Looking for it in digital and analogical processes and captures.

In that search sometimes an image seen on the web detonates a lot of ideas or searches, almost all are related with the body but what I’m really interested is in ways to distort shapes, forms, perceptions even some conceptions about the photographic media.

Tor Dalin, Carsten Witte, Zurab Getsadze, Massimo Attardi, are part of a long series of artists I admire and have influenced me. But are really sepecial because are artists with who I have direct contact and conversations that enlighten and teach me a lot.

I’ve tried to emulate their treatment of the images and that’s a wonderful process that let me to open my mind and discover a lot about me and my images. Then I’ve found images on my own files or the web (I don´t keep a record of the sources, is a fault I know but if you know about the author of one image please let me to know to include the proper credit here; take in account that I’m not claiming any authority about those images only paying homage and employing it in my process as a part of my own learning pathway).

Ok, images taken by me:

To see images from friends see the next post.


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