Calotypes and negatives

Long time without post anything, in part is due to the fact I’ve been reading a lot; specially Rosalind Krauss and about surrealism.

Ok I need to have consistent results in the techniques, ergo I’m working almost every day with different exposure times, papers and unfortunately weather conditions.

There’s a lot of interesting and almost completely confusing try outs. Specially over Canson’s paper.

I’ve scanned some of the good ones, and inverted it in PS only to see what happens with it, before begin to manipulate it a lot more.

I include one double exposure (a happy accident) and one negative image made using a print over vegetable paper of one of Gustavo Yonda’s great portraits of Colombian aborigines.

Also try outs of layouts, squares are the best ones so far, help with my exploration of l’informe.

For control issues I’m testing almost the same negatives (printed in acetate) over and over to define variables in the process (after some heart breaking loose initial attempts).


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