Captures v0.1

New series testing some of the actions I’ve designed in Photoshop for the last months as preapration for this project. By the way….. damn you Windows 7, the half of my plugins don’t want to work.

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At last my camera is in my hands

It have been really a long waiting but I have my camera in my hands now. Mr. Alfaro junior as usual has been an amazing friend and off course also Mr. Alfaro senior. The apple don’t fall far of the tree after all. Ok, let’s start with the final stages of this project. I’ve not […]

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New camera: Urd

The name of the camera is Nordic. Thanks to Iván and his dad for the help with the camera, is awesome. My new Nikon D5100. Some initial captures, two different projects that are developed at the same time.

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Digitally over talbotypes

One of the steps have been the manipulation oh the digital image, other the manipulation of the negatives directly and then the digital work over the scans. Now I begin to work digitally over the scans of the talbotypes. Another part of the experimentation.

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Talbotypes v4.0

I’ve tried once more using the coat of gelatine and have been another failure. Exposure times so long, even hours against the few minutes without it; also stains and low contrast. Same old disclaimer about the images taken from the web, if you to know about the author please let me to know. Those are […]

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