Lumen prints: Update

New glossy photographic paper, maybe not outdated enough. But really interesting anyway. This time I’ve been exposing under the sun by 24 hours (sun and moon), and used plants and some acetate prints (I will include a post about that later). I include here captures of the paper under the window, scans before fixer and […]

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Frozen film

Some time ago reading Foncuberta’s book Photography: Procedures and concepts, he propose the idea of frozen the film before develop it. I used a black and white ISO 400 film to shoot some photographs of my bro Jef as a model. The idea was to follow my fixation with pictoralism and the modern construction of […]

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New begin

After all that happened at the end of the last year and the first months of this one some of my emotion for my bachelor’s degree project was fading. After a couple of depressive months the fact of have to work with my bro in his bachelor’s degree book and some good news Im on […]

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