Gum bichromate

After a log depressive period, that seams giving me a break. I am back to the posts.

New and old post, something I’ve had posted some time ago. My experiences with gum bichromate prints.

A great help can be found in

I’ve made the gum bichromate or dichromate, pieces using acetate prints as a negative. Some ones are direct from the digital raw files in black and white, other are copies of lith or paper prints, and some ones prints of scans of pictures from the family album; also prints of digital manipulations of photographs.

I am alternating my love with pictorialism period with some other thoughts about reproducibility, the notion of author and my increasing interest in dadaism, surrealism and the concept of index and the photographic act.

As a matter of fact all these experimentations digital and analogous are ways to think a lot of concepts from diverse backgrounds, a way to loose my self and in the road hopefully find some personal answers.

As usual thanks to Omaira Abadia for give the initial tools, the courage and the space to feel free to make mistakes and experiment by myself.

Hopefully more will come, maybe more from the series of projects with Carlos Bernal and Yuluts Yonda.


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