Lumen prints: My own discovery

The best kind of teacher for me is the one who let you with hunger of learn, with the need to find out more of try by yourself to find new path ways (at least for you).

That’s the kind of wonderful hunger Omaira Abadia let in my soul. I begun to read and search about alternative andclassical print processes and in that search found about Lumen prints.

I’ve made originally some of the “classic” lumen prints and then Natalia Valencia and my bro helped me to obtain more outdated black and white paper, which seams to give a more intense tones.

The very first attempt produced some purple amazing tones, I’ve been unable of reproduce it in a controlled way, and that’s a good thing because there’s always a lot of entropy and randomness involved in the process.

Also tried with color photographic paper, still waiting to fix it. The ones I’ve drowned in water have lost the blue emulsion.

And waiting to develop some pieces without fix.

For the fixer use sodium hyposulfite in diluted in different proportions (right now 15-1).

After the initial pieces using leafs and other materials try some abstractions using water, oil, salt, sugar. And then back to figurative pieces using lith prints as negatives for the contact.

My times of exposure have a tendency to be exaggerated, from 12 to 72 hours, even thinking to make one of a week or two. All is part of the learning process.

I still need to made more digital experimentations with the lumen prints.

After all the intro, here are some of the scans of the works:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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