Inspiration: Michal Giedrojc

Michal Giedrojc embodies surreal photography. A perfect technique serves to the construction of settings and a black and white world just in the border of the one which we usually see like ours. Common places, people and objects linked with our memories but the relationships between them in his photography develop a tiny chill across […]

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Inspiration: DGTK

DGTK’s works are a disturbing confrontation with fears and dreams, even the ones rooted in mythology. I don´t know much about her or him, I suppose is some kind of self referential exploration by a man, but is only my assumption. I love his work, his approach, his subjects and his superb technique. A lot […]

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Day : Día 88

Digital manipulation of one of my last lumen prints, to see more of the series please visit: Pomona. Some people helps you to grow, question you and don’t make concessions, demands from you be better always. That’s my friend Carlos Bernal, one of those people and I’m so thankful for it. A hug compa.

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