Urban Museum: Experimentation

Close to my home are building a new highway, I have to pass through it almost every day and ever think how it looks like some kind of  contemporary exposition. Ergo my bro and me stepped in the construction place some nights ago and I took various photographs with the flash light.

My idea was to build a surreal setting using the strong light against the objects surrounded of darkness and make use of the sculptorical properties of the concrete, earth, separations, etc.

The B&W film was drowned in salt water for a night and then developed. This pieces are scans of the negative film, I want to use the aesthetics the scanner brings, is part of the experimentation processes I’m practicing right now.

Is a project in development. For see more please visit my portfolioor my behance account.

Thanks to Omaira Abadia for all the great support and for fill my mind of doubts and questions.


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