BsAs Memorabilia

As part of the experimentations I’m beginning the long time delayed idea of apply sabatier’s effect to negative images. Originally I thought it around digital captures but right now I’m making digital sabatiers on the scans of some b&w film negatives.

For me memory is a confusing melting pot, I can’t recall accurately almost anything (if it is really important I have some more fixed impression) , from my school partners to my childhood. All in my head is full of ghosts and specters.

I’ve been wanting a way to express it through my work and I think these experiments are a good step in that search.

Memories of BsAs, my friends, Zen, Carla, Angie, my bro… and the wonderful city.


2 thoughts on “BsAs Memorabilia

    1. of course I will give you info about my process.
      I have some negatives from my last trip to BsAs a couple of years ago, and never have the time or the lab for work on it. Then i have the idea of try sabatier effects(solarizations) over negative images instead of the positive ones.

      I scanned the negatives (not with a negative’s scanner but with my desktop cheap scanner because I wanted the textures it will generate); after the scan (2400 dpi), I sliced the negatives on PS and worked in the first one trying to achieve something interesting. I record with a textpad the values of filters and gradients and when I felt the image looked interesting enough I undo all the steps and repeat the right ones creating a PS action.

      I’ve used a layer of curves (PS4) over the negative to give it the sabatier, a gradient map to enhance some details, one copy of the original image in softlight mode and a B&W (maximum white) layer.

      Then I selected the right negatives for emotional or visual reasons and apply the action to every one. With some of it I tried different tones an curves variation to see how will vary the mood of the image.

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