And it begins here

My bro's copied hand with his son's foot print over it.
My bro's copied hand with his son's foot print over it.

Hi my name is Silvino González Morales colombian photographer and designer trying to obtain my bachelor’s grade at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia (hopefully the next year).

For a long time I’ve been fighting and loving my bipolar disorder, most of the time it have been a very personal issue only including my family, closest friends and some unlucky beloved girls. This year I have to talk about my condition to three teachers which pre conceptions and stereotypes were clouding their opinion about me (like every of ones do almost all the time we create ideas about people without take the time or have the opportunity to really know something about them), and then my condition became a public issue, I’ve been thinking about that a lot, really a lot; and finally I’ve decided to talk about it, about my family, friends, experiences and about me using my condition like a catalyst and my work as a tool for make catarsys.

Why all this biographical self interested information? Because all this information which will look meaningless is the genesis of my bachelor’s degree work.

I’ve been thinking about it for almost 9 months, originally my option for a director was: from the photographic world Heliumen Triana and from the theoretical world Zenaida Osorio, teachers I’ve always admired and who have been a constant source of inspiration. Heliumen is working on his PhD and Zenaida is taking a sabbatical, ergo I begun this classes period lost about who will guide me and work with me.

Luckily I took a new class: Experimental techniques in photography, which have blowed up my mind and reinforced my love for academy and photography. My teacher Omaira Abadia will be (hopefully) my companion, guide and director in the process of this personal journey inside my own fears, hopes and dreams; is an amazing artist, a great woman and their teachings have been an incredible source of inspiration and have helped me to discover a enormous quantity of ideas and a need for experimentation in a constant crescendo.

Why I’m writing in english? I’m colombian, I speak spanish and I love my country’s language (like somebody’s say a long time ago spanish is for speak with God). But I love languages, french, italian, german, nasa yuwe, english, etc. English for now is a language which lets me to interact wit a wide range of people and it forces me to practice and prepares me for an eventual magister and PhD.

What’s the method behind this blog: I have an engineering background, a lot of my mental process are conceived from a engineer point of view and using some alike tools. From my beloved fractals to gantt maps, from conceptual maps to social media networks. An auto biographical project (this one will fall in that category) have that kind of complications, one of the most difficult tasks will be edit and cut out the less significant things.

I will post here, ideas, thoughts, doubts, solutions. I will ask for opinions, references, suggestions and critics from my friends and every one who will be interested. I ask your forgiveness for my english (Im in the process of improve it) y para mis amigos y familia hispano parlantes … procuraré mantener siempre referencias en nuestro amada lengua natal.

For now that’s all folks.  Let’s see how this beast will be tamed and hopefully some great works will arise from the mud of my mind.

P.S. For last but not less important I have one of many goals in mind: To make the great bachelor’s grade work of my college in my area.

  • For friends and people interested. Please subscribe to the blog, to the RSS feed or to the Tweets (up to the right), I will be very thankful form it because it will let me to have constant or at least continual feedback from you.
  • Para mis amigos y personas interesadas. Por favor suscríbanse al blog, al RSS o a los Tweets (arriba a la derecha), les estaré enórmemente agradecido por que para mi es muy importante poder contar con su constante o al menos contínua retroalimentación.

2 thoughts on “And it begins here

  1. Hey Silvi! Thank you for invite me to know your new blog:) I wish you a great travel around your mind and photograph processes!

    Look some of my favourite photographers. Do you know them?

    Arthur Tress:
    Robert Parkeharrison:
    Ryan McGinley:
    Erwin Olaf
    Pinar Yolacan:

    A big hug Viejo Silvi

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