Things to come

Today I developed my first film around my theme of body out of context. Classic poses with modern equipment but fixed in paper with antique techniques. My step bros (two of them) Jhon and Jef, my mom, the amazing Iván and our cat Saito have been models for it. The idea is to explore more […]

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Salt paper experimentations

As part of my class of photographic experimentations I’ve been working with salt paper (XIX century technique) and using objects and transparencies to make photographs by contact under the direct influence of the sun, a lot of experimentation, a lot of errors and great experiences have emerged of this process over different surfaces and papers. […]

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Experimentations over commercial paper

With the guide of teacher Omaira Abadía we are producing pieces in salt paper or commercial photographic paper using transfers and filtering the light with different elements. These ones are some of my experimentations. Transfer of photocopies over commercial photographic paper, for filtering I’ve used tape stick, glue, crayon, candle’s wax,among others. After that the […]

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