Website’s redesign – Re diseño del sitio web

I’ve been working for a while in my website’s re design. Something more clean, neat and simple but with a bit of typographic work. And with space to write about my approach to projects and clients. I am still working in some grammar issues (specially in the english version) but the site is fully functional. […]

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Infography series

Im working in some infograms, experimenting with visual representations of my musical tastes. Originally the idea was to use a really simple grid, but in the way the things worked really different. I will blame for it Iron Man’s animated series. Estoy trabajando en algunas infografías y expermientaciones visuales para representar mis gustos musicales. La […]

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I’ve been working in some patterns for different media (screen, fabrics, print, etc.). He estado trabajando en algunos patrones para diversos medios (pantalla, telas, impresos, etc.).

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